Warrick Welding supplies structural steel lintels to Bunbury and the southwest of WA including beams, lintels, T-Bars, angles, structural columns, and much more.  Steel lintels are predominantly flat horizontal steel sections and it can be arched or cranked to a wide variety of architectural designs. We provide a complete steel solution to our clients and steel lintels support brickwork over an opening, to having outrigger connections for awnings.

The size of the steel lintels is varying depending upon the opening which is being spanned and the size of the brickwork which is being supported above. The sizing of the steel lintels can be determined from standard span charts or as specified within engineering design.

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Equal Angles
WEIGHT per metre
LINTEL SIZE ( a x b x c )
11.8 kg
100 x 100 x 8
10.6 kg
90 x 90 x 8
8.73 kg
75 x 75 x 8
6.81 kg
75 x 75 x 6

Steel Lintels

Steel lintels are commonly used to carry the load above openings. Steel lintels in Bunbury are found in the form of galvanised angles.

Commonly lintels are used to support brickwork over an opening. Steel lintels appearance are generally flat horizontal sections that can be welded to suit a wide range of designs.

This span chart is a guide only

90mm Wide Brick Work
Opening Span
Up to 1500
Up to 1800
Up to 2200
Up to 2400
Up to 2700
Up to 2400
Up to 3000
Up to 3600
Up to 4000

110mm Wide Brick Work
Opening Span
Up to 2200
Up to 2600
Up to 3500
Up to 3900

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