Milspan Beams

Warrick Welding provides the only Milspan beams in Bunbury.

Unique Features:

The Milspan Beam offers the strength of conventional beams combined with the fixing flexibility of the timber. These beams are up to 50% lighter than the equivalent universal beam. Milspan Beams require mainly on-site welding or cutting, saving site labour, crane hire, and transportation costs.

Engineered for Strength:

The Milspan beam are manufactured from high- grade Australian steel and the Beams can be supplied with splays to suit individual roof pitches. The beams are certified by an Engineer and thus you can trust the quality of the products. The product is having less weight which means sagging and flexing are virtually eliminated, proving consistency through your project. Get the best suppliers from Bunbury and the whole southeast of WA.

Flexible by Design:

The Milspan beams offer versatile structural members that can be engaged as a primary load bearer and as an eye-catching alternative for contemporary design. So it is the best choice for builders, architects, and engineers for design purposes. 


Latest production equipment and techniques are used for Milspan beams and it is available at a reasonable price. You can easily save your labour savings and transport costs in your construction project.

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